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08 August 2010 @ 07:09 pm
 So, my recent inactivity on AWF is very likely to continue. I mean, I'm having a blast IRL, but I miss you guys terribly. I haven't gotten much sleep lately either, and I pulled my first real 'all-nighter' two days ago. Like, I never slept. It was cool.
But I still miss you guys and want you to know I still know you all exist. I LOVE YOU ALL.
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24 July 2010 @ 05:33 am
It’s 5:10 am already. I’m only a bit sleepy, but I can see the sky turning a bit brighter.

I wish the forum were more lively. People, 2.0 doesn’t start for a while. WE NEED FOR PEOPLE TO BE ROLEPLAYING.

Hm, what should I talk about? Not sure. Wow, my icon is so different from everyone else’s. It’s all bright and cartoony, and everyone else has RL pictures. Or pictures of real people, anyways.

So, maybe So, maybe I’ll talk about camp. I feel like I haven’t talked enough about it, seeing as it’s such a huge part of my life. And it’s amazing.

The classes are brilliant. It’s mostly arts oriented, but there are sports classes and stuff. We don’t really pay attention to them, because they have separate schedules and we just generally don’t see them. (“We” meaning the tech/artsy/theater kids.)

I take four different classes rather than five, because Musical takes up two periods. I wake up every day at some time between seven and eight and get ready so I can be at camp by nine. I then go to the auditorium and go to my first class, which is One Act Play. For clarification, a one-act is pretty much a play done in… one act. Meaning no second act or intermission, so it’s a shorter play, I guess. Anyways, we’re doing the play “Fools” by Neil Simon, which you can read a sample of here, if you want: books.google.com/books
So, anyways, I’m Snetsky in that, and it’s really fun. I play a pretty big part, and I love the entire cast. The play is hilarious, and there isn’t a single thing I dislike. In fact, in my 4 (out of 5) weeks at camp, I haven’t met anyone I’ve disliked yet. Everyone is so nice, and so talented. I wish I had started going here when I was younger, though, because I’m one of the oldest kids there.

My next class is Musical, in which we’re performing Little Shop of Horrors. We’ve edited a lot, for censoring and such, but it’s still the same for the most part. The Dentist, Mushnik, and Audrey all die. Yayyy! Well, this class has around forty people in it, so it’s really a madhouse. But, again, everyone is so nice and we’re all really dorky, so it’s really easy to make friends. For me, at least.

Even our director is fantastic. He’s done so many plays and he’s just a ball of raw energy and awesome. And he’s shorter than I am. Poor guy.

Then there’s lunch, and the Noontime Show (Which is like, a daily talent show. Pretty neat.) and then Festival Period, which is simply a free period.

After that, I have Improvisation with the same guy who teaches the One Act class. It’s all improv games, which is awesome, because I adore improv games. Yup.

Finally, there’s Soap Opera, which is when we make our own T.V. show/Soap Opera. This year, it’s Wizards vs. Vampires in honor of the ongoing Harry Potter and Twilight battle. The class is really fun, especially the off-camera things. Like sword-fighting, and rolling on the floor. We roll on the floor a lot. There really isn’t much authority in the class, being that it’s the end of the day. We get out at four, and then I go home and try to get on the computer. Yayy.

Okay, well, I’m so sorry for that really boring entry… thing. I was just kind of too awake to fall asleep, so… You really don’t have to read this.

…You can go now.

…I mean it. Seriously. Go.

…That means you. GO.

…I need sleep. Hello, 5:32.
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12 July 2010 @ 06:32 pm
You know, I've never really had the highest esteem in the world. It's not very apparent when I'm around my friends, or laughing about something, and I have no problems with confidence, but when somebody compliments me, then I become nervous, and I usually reject their compliment. And I don't mean to do so to draw attention to myself or anything--I don't know why I do it. I just do.

Anyways, today the director for our musical at camp (Which is Little Shop of Horrors, if I haven't gone about it enough) pulled me aside. I was expecting him to talk to me about something I was doing wrong, or maybe discuss the choreography I hadn't learned because I wasn't there on Friday, but instead, he says "Savanna, you're talented. You're a good singer, and a good actress, and you can dance. You need to have confidence in yourself, because everybody here does, and if you don't, then it'll be a waste. Believe in yourself, okay?" And, I guess the words kind of stuck, because I can still remember the way he said it and how he looked when he said it.

So, that's a bit of the reason why I was surprised to see the "universal prompt" so to speak, on here. I mean, it seems the universe has finally told me to shut up and stop putting myself down. In short, I'm going to try to stop hating on myself and go on with the prompt.

One good thing about myself, eh? Well, physically, I... I really don't have much to offer. I don't have the waist, or the boobs or legs I should, but, rather, I look like a twelve year old or something. I don't really like my freckles, but maybe that's just because of my sister and her constant mocking of them. (Shut up, seven year olds are mean, too!) My hair is just unmanageable and a pain in the ass, but it does get a lot of compliments and has a lot of personality. And then my eyes and nose and just plain. But, all in all, I've never had a problem with my mouth. My lips aren't too thin like my brother, my mom, and my sister's are, but they aren't too thick, either. And I love smiling, too.

Personality wise, I think... I like how nice I am. I mean, I've had a lot of people tell me I'm nice, and I have letters from teachers and awards to prove for it. Not to mention, being the quiet, nice kid gives you some sort of respect. Like, when I ask people to stop being mean, or to stop doing something that irritates me, they'll do so nicely. Meh. Okay, I'm done, then.
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Ack, I'm so sleepy. Why am I even posting this? I'm not entirely sure... Oh, maybe that little saying that claims that writing daily improves the mind, or something to that extent. Anyways, I'm sore and my eyes hurt, and I've felt dizzy all day, and I just want to sleep, but something isn't quite letting me. Maybe it's because my bed is a mess and my body is not in the mood to get up to make it. So, I guess I should talk about something to occupy myself. At least until my song is over. Um, ever heard of Sweet Charity? I saw a community theater production of it over April Break when I went to Florida, and I haven't heard it since, so listening to it now makes me all nostalgic and such.

Speaking of music, it seems I haven't listened to anything other than Disney soundtrack songs or showtunes for the past few weeks. It makes me think that I should broaden my horizons and listen to something, maybe something modern, but then I remember who the prominent music figures of today are and find myself turning my volume up and washing the thought away with good music.

Oh dear, I've suddenly remembered that I have to learn all of "Closed For Reservations" from Little Shop of Horrors by Monday, because we were supposed to learn it on Thursday night, but I was out on Friday, meaning I'll have to learn it all tomorrow instead and hope we didn't cover anything too important. Gaak, I hate memorizing songs against my free will.

Hm, maybe I should talk about AWF? I feel like I haven't been doing very much in terms of roleplaying, even if I am typically on Skype with the rest of the site. I'm also pretty worried about being Cissy in 2.0 because I'm not very good at acting Narcissa-ish, so... Whatever. Sigh.

OOPS. Looks like my song's over. Sorry for the waste of a post, guys!

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10 July 2010 @ 01:54 am
 So, I suppose this is my greeting, then? Well, you might know me from a few different places, AWF or... well, that's it, so far. But, in the event that you've stumbled upon my little blog, then I greet you in the friendliest of ways! Welcome, traveler, and do stay a bit. So, pushing my oddness aside, I guess I'll talk about myself then!

My name is Savanna. I am fourteen years old and am about to enter high school. I live in the US in a itty-bitty suburb that you'd have to squint to see or you might miss it. My entries may range from a wide spread of topics, as I'm very easily interested in just about anything, so if don't be surprised if you see my writing or a rant, or a small entry on my day or something. I do hope that I will be able to confide in this blog as one would be able to confide in any sort of journal or diary, even if there are potentially people that might read this. I won't let that bother me, though, and shall carry on my odd, merry little way.

Kudos to you if you've read this far without crying, clicking away from the page, or called a therapist for me, especially after I've rambled on and on about nothing and have most likely abused the English language without my noticing as it is very late and I'm afraid this sentence is far too long oh dear what a run-on off with my head.

Speaking of the English language, do excuse any grammatical errors or typos I make for not only the moment, but for the entirety of this blog, as I am a bit of a failure at life like that.

It's nearing 2 AM now, so I should probably begin to wrap this up and actually explain who I am.

Well, as I have perhaps stated before, I like a lot of different things. My interests range from not only Harry Potter, but to musicals, (theater in general, really!) animes and manga, and a few TV shows I follow. Like How I Met Your Mother. And Glee. Um, I'm not a particularly religious person, but if I had to state my religion, I suppose it'd be NeilPatrickHarrisism Universalist Unitarian, seeing as the majority of my family falls under that category, and I am pretty much one of those 'Go with the flow! Do whatever you want, mannn!' sort of people.

...Let me clarify. By that last statement, I do not, in any way, mean that I take drugs.

I'm afraid of more than I'd like to admit. Some things like, the dark, being home alone, or other things that set my paranoia alarm off startle me, but I'm also massively scared of a lot of other things as well. Things that don't really come to mind, at the moment. Hm.

What else, what else... Um, the most important people in my life are most likely my friends. I'm more fond of them than I am my family, which sounds mean, but it's sadly true. I'm such a bad daughter/sister/niece/cousin/etc. I like acting, singing, laughing, drawing, and having fun. Um, I hate seeing kids bullied. Like, I'm that obnoxious person who butts in on facebook statuses and tells people to stop being rude. Ho-hum. I've probably missed a ton of things, but I suppose you'll find them out in good time, yes?]

I look forward to blogging!
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